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Shaun’s work has appeared in such places as Glamour, Maxim, the New York Times, Esquire and The Village Voice. He is also a founding writer with ESPN Magazine. A select archive is curated here.

Sammy Wanjiru

I travel to Kenya’s Rift Valley to unravel the mysterious death of the country’s star marathoner, and come away with more sure than ever that he was murdered.

Cheating is So 1999

In the largest genetic study ever undertaken among U.S. pro athletes, I asked 100 current and former NFL athletes to give me their DNA. The result: A revealing look at the way genetic testing is about to transform training.

A Dummy’s Guide to PEDs

Here’s a quick (and dirty) cheat sheet for navigating tomorrow’s headlines. And please, don’t try these at home.


John Odom didn’t ask to be traded for 10 maple bats. But that didn’t stop us from laughing at him all the same.

You Have No Idea

As an Indianapolis Colt, Marvin Harrison shattered records on the playing field. But all it took was one gun-fueled incident in a North Philly to shatter the veil of secrecy he kept around himself. Co-writer Peter Keating helped look into the 2008 incident that continues to follow Harrison to this day.

Made in China

Who is feeding America’s seemingly insatiable appetite for performance enhancing drugs? I went undercover in China, posing as a drug buyer, to find out.

Murder in a Small Town

A group of college students from Holland, Michigan, thought they knew what they were getting into when they started looking into the unsolved 1979 murder of opera student Janet Chandler. What they found reopened the secrets of an era.

Who Knew?

You’ve read the Mitchell Report. Now read the real history of steroids in baseball, as it appeared in this special issue of ESPN Magazine.